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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Quest Master's Realm features quite a lot of random number generation, the basis of these rolls are the classic dice of RPG history.

One basic feature is the damage of items based on their rarity. Common items have base damage = item level * 4 sided dice roll. Uncommon use 6 sided, Rare 8 sided, Epic 10 sided, and Legendary 12 sided.

For all strike, shield or heal actions, one rarity based dice is rolled for each level of the item used in the action. A level 3 Rare shield blocks 3 x 8 sided dice = 3-24 points damage, a level 2 Legendary shield blocks 2 x 12 sided dice = 2-24 points damage. A level 6 Common shield blocks 6-24 points damage.

One aspect of this system is the way the rolls average out as more dice are rolled , i.e. at higher levels, the base increases but also the tendency to have totals closer to the mean increases. For 4x d6, mean is 14 = 4 * 3.5 , for 2x d12, mean is 13 = 2 * 6.5, and for 6x d4, mean is 15 = 6 * 2.5.

To prevent level 1 rolls being too uniform, less normal probability, a system of mean and variance based on higher numbers of dice being rolled could be used. Level 1 Common rolls f.i. would still be 1-4, level 2, 2-8, etc, but it is more likely to be nearer the mean, i.e. level 1 would be more likely 2 or 3 , and less likely 1 or 4, because of this.

Right now the game uses the natural mean and variance, exactly as the number of dice rolled. i.e. 1, 2 , 3 & 4 equally likely in the level 1 Common example.

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