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Great Crom and the Seasons

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Cyclicality is a central focus of the Realm, Featuring a Night and Day Cycle lasting just 1.75 Earth Hours.

It is important to remember that the Realm is based on the Shell of a Giant Space Turtle flying through the Etherverse, yet retains many of the features our own Planetary System.

There is a Moon-like object clearly visible in the Night Sky, and a Sun-like object that lights the Day. The two are diametrically opposed; as the Sun sets, the Moon rises, and vice versa.

There is a clear cycle to the Moon object also, similar to the Earth's Moon it changes from a New Moon (completely dark) to a Full Moon (completely Lit) with alternating half lit phases as it moves back and forth between these.

The Mana, as the Realm's moon is known, Cycle takes exactly 24 Realm Days, each lasting 1.75 Earth Hours.

Clear Markings of the Unlit, Half Lit and Fully Lit phases, lead to a Four Fold Division of the Mana Cycle into 6 day Turns, as the Mana is seen to be Turning. The Six Turn Days, or Dargs, as they are known, follow a set order; Manazdarg, Karizdarg, Ergazdarg, Logazdarg, Cromzdarg, and Quelzdarg.

Each specific Darg has Primordial, Elemental Associations, that can influence 'Stuff' in the Realm as that Darg passes. The Full Mana Cycle can also effect 'Things' in certain ways.

The Astute may have realised that each Mana Cycle lasts 24 * 1.75 = 42 Earth Hours. Dividing by 24 yields 1.75 Earth Days per Realm Mana.

The Year of the realm is split into 4 Seasons, each of 4 Mana. Thus each Realm season lasts exactly one Earth Week, 4 x 1.75 Earth Days.

The Seasons affect many facets of Realm functionality, in ways we are only beginning to understand.

Further to Annual Seasonality, there is a notion of the Cosmic Passage. Crom's Journey through the EtherVerse is known to pass through Periodic Chapters, each lasting 13 Seasons of the Realm. This corresponds to some kind of Greater, Cosmic Alignment.

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