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Great Crom and The Realm

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Scholars of Geography have, over centuries of study, formulated the opinion that our Realm is indeed the earth covered shell of a gigantic tortoise, or turtle, as some envisage this androgynous testudine, known as ‘Great Crom’.

Crom wades, or swims, as proponents of the Turtle Hypothesis insist, through the uncertain ethers of Space and Time.

The snow covered Mountains of the North mark the peaked ridges of his shell and the Unpassable Deserts of the South surround its rim.

The Fiery Ball of the Sun flies around Great Crom each Day. Opposing this, the Moon, the exact connection between them is something of a mystery.

Why and how we do not simply tumble of Crom’s shell into the Abyss below is a matter of some debate. Most agree that Crom possesses a form of magical magnetism that draws objects to him.

Many ideas concerning Crom’s bodily function are used to explain naturally occurring phenomenon such as high winds and earthquakes.

A bizarre counter theory exists, that The Realm is in fact a colossal egg, perhaps laid by a huge space turtle not unlike Crom, many eons ago, and that we simply live on the top half of this egg.

Goblins, with their mystical art of ‘Tek’, and belief in “long life and prosperity”, have spoken to some of the ‘Others’, beings from places beyond Crom’s shell, distant ‘spheres’ in the ‘Cozmoz’?

Crom is associated with the Divine Power of Nature.

"Hel attempts to capture Great Crom at the Dawn of Time" - from the classic 'Song of The Turtle'.

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