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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

"a subtle distinction or variation"

Nuance in QMR refers to characteristic traits imbued into players' Armor.

These characteristics affect certain aspects of a players' functioning.

The six Characteristics of Nuance are ; Strength, Spirit, Stamina, Agility , Intelligence and Wisdom.

Strength affects Right Hand Weapon Energy Recovery, Spirit affects Left Hand Equipment Energy Recovery, and Stamina affects Health Recovery.

Agility alters Melee Damage Mitigation for all Armor Types. Intelligence acts on Arcane Damage Mitigation, and Wisdom affects Divine.

Each Armor drop rolls with a Random Nuance applied. This can affect just one characteristic, or two combined, as a penalty + higher bonus.

There is likely a form of crafting to be introduced whereby players can add a second Nuance of their choosing to an Armor item.

It is quite possible that different Species introduced to the game for player characters might have different Base Characteristics or Nuancing.

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