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Weapon Eccentricities

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I want to introduce a system of random Eccentricities to weapon drops. Differences in manufacture / form that give the weapon different base statistics from the norm.

Base Damage of a weapon is purely determined by Rarity, and any Damage Sub Type Bonuses are always included in a particular weapon's regular design.

Weapons also have statistics governing Range, Width (the cone in-front of player in which they strike), Time to Strike, and Time to Completion (finish the attack before doing other things). Ranged weapons have a Projectile Speed instead of Width.

Weapons will drop with random Eccentricities combining slight, maybe noticeable, deviations from these base statistics.

Eccentricities will be given names for combinations of stat changes that hopefully you can become familiar with. "Honed", for example, could refer to speed / timing changes.

It is quite possible that some type of crafting may become available, allowing players to add an additional Eccentricity, of their choosing, to the existing random roll.

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