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Thanks For Joining Quest Master's Realm

Struggling to Login ? Stuck "Transitioning to Realm" ? 

Please consider the Following:

If you have not done so already, Join our Discord Server. Help Available Around the Clock.

Game requires at least 8gb Ram & Windows 10 +.

Firewalls can block QMR.exe Internet Access, preventing login, or zone transitioning.

Glasswire Free makes it easy to grant QMR.exe access via Windows Defender.

Random crashes may occur, due to background processes, or other causes.

Please attempt to Relog and contact us if issues persist.

Make sure latest Graphics card Drivers and Windows Updates installed.

Chipset Drivers and BIOS updates also.

Disable any CPU or RAM Over Clock, eg. Turbo Boost or XMP features in bios.

SSD installs should perform better than HDD.

Remove any Controllers before starting game as these might cause it to Hang.

Router and/or pc restart might help.

Player.log can be found in C:\Users\ [username] \AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\QMR

Login : Click on a Server nearest to your location or wherever your friends are playing. 

This is not a permanent choice, you can switch between servers freely whenever you login.


Your character Name, Faction and Cosmetics are Permanent, for now.

Discord :,

email :


Any problems please let us know.

​Always check you have Latest Version UPDATE !

  • Discord Invite

Graphical Settings


If you are experiencing low fps or stuttering, GPU / CPU overheat leading to crashes, please take a look at Settings (Press 9 in game).

Framerate is capped by monitor speed via Vsync.

Monitors above 60hz cap to 1/2 Vsync , ie. 144hz >> 72hz vsync.

Boost performance 30fps >> 60fps with DLSS/TAA.

Dynamic Resolution (0=off, 1=default - 3=max).

Still have low fps ? cannot hold 60fps ? Switch off Global Illumination, or set vsync to 2 for 30fps lock.

Servers should be Running 24 / 7 , N. American server always available.

With low player numbers, Europe will redirect you to the American Server.

Play from anywhere but location will affect latency.

Here are some instructions to help you Get Started

Links Below to help Find your Way in the Realm. (Click Icons)

Discord is the place to gather and share ideas, get Help, and find information.

Controls and Getting Started

The Quest Master's Guide contains a lot of Info on the Game and is being added to all the time.

QM Guide

After choosing a Server location you will need to select your character's Hair , Skin and Eye Color.

Faction is important, choose to follow Quel or Hel. 

Open World PvP is active, this is your team or "side". 

Once Done You must give your character a name and then click Create Character.

Now you Must choose which Skill Set to play, Rogue , Warrior , Priest or Wizard. Confirm Skill Set and Enter the Realm.

This is not a permanent choice, your character can swap between the 4 Skillsets simply by pressing F2.

WASD Movement , Space to Jump, Shift to Sprint.

1 , 2 and 3 switch between Non-Combat Movement [1] (a bit faster), Melee Combat Mode [2] and Ranged Combat Mode [3].

Useful keys include [Q] to switch your Light of Quel between head (melee energy regen) and body (health regen).

Press F to [Interact] with NPCs or [Interactable] objects.

Press F1 at any time for Menu Help Panel, F2 Switch Skillset, F3 visual Aids.

View the QM Guide for More Info :)

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