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World Servers

This could have been "Server Worlds", but "World Servers" seems more relevant to the concept we are adopting.

Each server representing a separate universe to the others is not something we will be doing in Quest Master's Realm.

Instead we want to have conceptually just one World, one Universe, spread across several servers, each technically an instance of the same part of the same World.

So, not 4 man instanced dungeons (although this could become a thing), but many player Server Instances, encapsulating the same set of interconnected zones, with as many players as they can support at one time.

To be clear, not zone [a] on one server, zone [b] on another, but several Servers, each with zones [a] and [b].

Players can hop between servers freely. This allows players to choose optimal server locality, and not be limited to the first server they choose.

Potential for better matchmaking, from whole player pool rather than just a Server population.

The aim is to keep a "Sandbox" feel, anything persistent in the world will be shared across all Servers as much as possible. Only the NPCs and Players present at any given time will differ.

Housing which is destined to become an in-game saleable, rentable form of Storage will be the same across all servers.

The time of day and seasonality will be the same. Weather might actually be different, but similar, based on location and season.

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